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There are three different types of distribution :

  • Release version: This distribution is called "Stable". She is normally generated every 6 months and may be able to play the different use cases proposed into the user guide.

  • Staging version: This distribution is the intermediary one. Situated between two releases, its only benefit is to point out innovative results in process of stabilization.  

  • Nightly build version: This distribution is generated every day, at midnight, from the latest code changes (commited the day before). It may be unstable if not inaccessible.


Comments :

        The user guides' documents are supposed to match the release version, the staging version or both version.

Please, feel free to contact us if you do not manage to play the different Use Cases' scripts, in the Prototypes' user guide.

A mailing list is open on each protoype : "Community>Contact". 




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